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There is a lot you have to take into consideration when starting a business. Which business structure suits your needs? What rules applies? Do you have to register your business? Do you have to register your business name? Do you have the means for setting up a business?


Use our forms for registering your business or updating your information.

Forms and templates


We charge for registrations and updates on our registers. You find our fees on the page Fees.


Current processing times

How long do you have to wait for us to process your application? To find out – simply check our page Current processing times.

Current processing times

Do you need a permit?

Use the website to find out whether you need permits or not. There may be requirements for you as a business owner, for your premises or for the business itself.

Find permit (

Read about business structures

Learn about the most common business stuctures in Sweden here:

Business structures

Seek professional advice

We can help you with information about different business structures, but we can not give you advice. If you need advice you may want to consult a professional adviser.

Choose a business structure

What kind of business are you going to run? What are your prerequisites? Do you have a partner in business? Compare the different business structures here:

Choose the form of business enterprise (363 kB)

Do not order printed material before your business name has been approved

Make sure you do not order a domain name, printed material such as business cards, signs etc. before we have approved and registered your business name. – for people setting up or running a business is a website with information about how to set up and run a business in Sweden. There are also e-services, but they are in Swedish only and you need a Swedish personal identity number to get access to them. The website is a collaboration between several Swedish authorities.

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