About us

Bolagsverket wants to enable growth and give entrepreneurs the answers that they need to follow their dreams. To reach those goals we work together with other authorities. The goals are summarized in our vision, Working together for a simpler business life!

Bolagsverket registers companies and associations and makes annual reports official. Here at our website you can search for and buy business information from our registers.

Our objective is to make a business start-up quick, easy and correct. For this purpose we have information and e-services. At the website verksamt.se you can for example read about starting and running a business, find an adviser and register your business. The information in the e-services is in Swedish.

Bolagsverket is situated in Sundsvall and has a little over 500 employees. If you have questions you can reach us on the phone, by email or send a message to us here at the website. We are here for you!

Inga Otmalm

Acting Director General Bolagsverket

Vision and mission

Vision: Working together for a simpler business life!

Mission: Bolagsverket examines, registers and informs to ensure easy entrepreneurial activities and legal security for the trade and the business industry. Bolagsverket coordinates and develops efficient services for enterprises and entrepreneurial activities.

Bolagsverket's activities are not financed by public funding. We charge for our products and services.

Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket)

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