Swedish Companies Registration Office

Protect your company against company hijacking

By registering your email address through the e-service on the website verksamt.se you can protect your company against hijacking.

Protect your company against company hijacking

All companies must register their beneficial owners in 2017

The Swedish parliament is expected to declare that 800,000 companies, associations and other legal entities must register their beneficial owners with Bolagsverket during autumn 2017.

All companies and associations must register beneficial ownership in 2017

Bolagsupplysningen.se is not Bolagsverket

We are aware that a blacklisted company called Bolagsupplysningen is once again sending out letters in an attempt to con Swedish businesses. The letters look like they are from a government agency but this is not the case.

Bolagsupplysningen.se is not one of Bolagsverket’s services

For asylum seekers and newcomers to Sweden

Are you an asylum seeker or a newcomer and want to start a business in Sweden? We have information in plain English about how to start a business.

For asylum seekers and newcomers to Sweden

Order business information online

In our e-service Sök företagsfakta you can buy and download annual reports, certificates of registration, articles of association and other documents.

Sök företagsfakta (Find company information)

Do you need a permit?

Use the website verksamt.se to find out whether you need permits or not. There may be requirements for you as a business owner, for your premises or for the business itself.

Find permit (verksamt.se)

Processing times right now


It takes four working days to register a new limited company.


It takes eleven working days to change the board of directors, partners or auditor.