All the members of the board and the managing director on the date of the signing, must sign the document. This also includes employee representatives.


Each signature on the annual report must be followed by the person’s printed name and the date when the person signed the report.

If a deputy board member has replaced a board member when the signing took place, the title ‘styrelsesuppleant’ (deputy board member) must be stated after the signature.

Submit changes in good time

All changes to the board of directors of a limited company must be registered with Bolagsverket. It is important that all such changes reach us in good time so that the signatures correspond with the people who chair the board. If we receive the changes too late, the previous board of directors may have to sign the annual report.

Powers of attorney are not possible

A board member cannot give a power of attorney to someone else to sign the annual report on their behalf.


Board members cannot refuse to sign the annual report. If a board member objects to information contained in the annual report, they must still sign. If the objection has been noted in the minutes of a board meeting, the minutes must be filed with the annual report.