Updating business details - sole trader

If your business is registered with Bolagsverket and you change any business details, for example, address, business name or auditor, you must update your details with Bolagsverket.

Application form

You will find the application forms you need for updating business details on the page Forms for sole traders.

Forms for sole traders

Apply online

You can apply online by using the e-services on the website verksamt.se. Please note that the information in the e-services is in Swedish only and that you need a Swedish electronic identification to sign the application electronically.


You will find the fees on the page Fees for sole traders. On the page Paying service fees and invoices you will find information about how to pay.

Fees for sole traders

Paying fees for services

Processing times

Our processing times vary. You will find our processing times on the page Current processing times.

Current processing times