Take steps to protect your company from being hijacked

By signing up to a digital mailbox service you can quickly be alerted to any attempts to hijack your company. You must have Swedish e-identification such as Mobile BankID and be a signatory in the company in order to do this.

Once you have registered for the digital mailbox service, you will receive your postal mail in digital form from Bolagsverket and other government agencies, instead of in an envelope. You will get a notification in Swedish by email or text message when you get post. The service is secure and free-of-charge.

We will send you a notification in Swedish via the digital mailbox service when an application is filed with us to make changes to your company. This enables you to find out immediately about any changes so you can act quickly if anyone makes unauthorised changes or tries to take over your company.

It is advisable to have another digital mailbox for personal matters. If you are on the board of a company, some post may be sent to you personally. If you are registered or deregistered as a board member, we will send a notification to your personal digital mailbox. We will send the notification by post to your home address otherwise, which means it will take longer before you are notified of changes.

Digital mailbox service (in Swedish only)

Receive notifications by email

If you don’t have Swedish e-identification or choose not to have a digital mailbox, you can register an email address for your company with Bolagsverket and we will send you an email notification in Swedish when an application to make changes to the company is filed in our system. If you haven’t already registered an email address and wish to do so, or you wish to change an email address, any authorised representative for the company can register an email address free-of-charge. Use the e-service on verksamt.se if you have Swedish e-identification or fill in form 701e Change of address for companies and associations.

Forms and templates

Verksamt.se External link. (in Swedish only)

Monitor recent activity

On Bolagsverket’s website you can easily check to see cases currently in progress and recently registered cases for your company. The service is in Swedish and free-of-charge. You can do searches using a case number or a company registration number.

Find out about a case or if an annual report has been received External link. (in Swedish only)

Unauthorised changes

If you suspect that someone has made unauthorised changes, please notify Bolagsverket on +46 771 670 670 or by email at bolagsverket@bolagsverket.se .