Tied agents

The information given here about tied agents is based on the regulations set out in the 2007 Swedish Securities Market Act.

What is a tied agent?

Swedish and foreign securities institutes within the European Economic Area (EEA) are able to appoint tied agents. A tied agent is an individual or legal entity that is contracted to act for the institute in

  • marketing investment or ancillary services
  • receiving or forwarding instructions or orders regarding investment services or financial instruments
  • placing financial instruments
  • giving investment advice to clients regarding these financial instruments or investment services.

Register tied agents with Bolagsverket

Tied agents must be registered with Bolagsverket. The Swedish or foreign securities institute that the agent is tied to must notify Bolagsverket by filing an application for registration.

Laws and regulations

The Swedish Securities Market Act (SFS 2007:528)

Check if someone is registered

If you want to check whether a person or business is registered as a tied agent, you can do searches in Find company information free of charge.

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